Nikon D5100 With ME-1 External Mic: Specs, Price & Release

Are you in the market for a new camera but are confused about what’s out there? Then today’s news may be about to help in your decision making. Nikon have now announced their new D5100, predecessor to the D5000, along with a fantastic specification listing, price and release date.

The D5100 or “advanced beginner” as Nikon stated, will bring a 2.7-inch flip out screen with accessibility to engage with video recording up to 1080p at 24fps, 25fps or 30fps with a maximum time of 20 minutes. In terms of the new sensor, this too has been improved with the pixels increasing from 16.2 as oppose to the older 12.3. This now can be compared to Nikon‘s higher end DSLR D7000 model.

On appearance and when holding Nikon‘s new D5100, as Engadget reported, it will now seem less weighty, in fact the new design is 10% lighter and smaller with the new screen being 17% thinner including a 3-inch diagonal with a 920k-dot resolution. In order for you (particularly with tripods) to get the best of your new D5100, the controls have now been re-allocated to a different position in order to give a new horizontal opening function.

As well as this, Wired have stated that the new Nikon includes something a little different this time around. Bring on the new image filters, giving you the option to Lomo-fy your images. One of the key factors to the D5100 that we couldn’t possibly leave out, is the new external stereo ME-1 microphone, which can be positioned into the hot-shoe and works when plugged into a standard 35mm jack socket when paired up with a camera showing the same compatibility.

In terms of price, the D5100 will set you back $800 or converted €777 / £670 just for the camera, but if you decide to purchase the camera plus the VR kit lens which is something Wired advise against as they report it can make the performance too slow, it will set you back $900 or converted €904 / £780. For the external mic input this will alone set you back $180 or €139 / £120 with a release of April 21st.

Give us your thoughts on the new Nikon D5100? Will this tempt you, or is the price a little steep?