Microsoft Windows 8 OS: Early Development Thoughts

We’ve previously spoken about Microsoft’s Windows 8 and how it’s slated to appear in 2012 and then in February we spoke about the possibility of Windows 8 tablets appearing before the end of 2011. We have some news today about Windows 8 leaks with some thoughts on the early stages of development.

The first build of Windows 8 has been released to developers and initial thoughts are being posted online. Matt Warman over on The Telegraph has been looking at some of the information and tells a little about what we might expect from Windows 8. ‘Ribbon’ navigation is set to be included which gives much speedier access to common features. ‘Ribbon’ was introduced on the latest version of Microsoft Office and if it comes to Windows will enable easy and fast synchronization of files. As ‘cloud’ technology continues to grow and become more popular this would be an excellent addition.

Windows Live ID also looks set to make an appearance on the next operating system and there’s a possibility that Microsoft’s Kinect motion sensor could be included in future PCs. Other new features leaked so far include a new welcome screen, a back-up tool, new PDF Reader, and a feature designed especially for tablets, which is an “immersive” mode. Another possibility is a Windows 8 app store. We should remind you that these are very early stages indeed and a public beta of Windows 8 is not expected until later this year.

You may also be interested in an article over on eWeek by Don Reisinger that looks at 10 reasons why Windows 8 is likely to be much better than Windows 7. One of the reasons is what eWeek calls a “History Vault,” which is the back-up tool we mentioned above. What are your thoughts on Windows 8 and what improvements would you like to see on the next OS? Let us know with your comments.