Japanese Messi YouTube Hit: Who is the Talented Mystery Boy?

We all know how many professional sportsmen like to use Twitter and only yesterday told how Rio Ferdinand had leapt to Wayne Rooney’s defence on Twitter after Rooney’s swearing outburst was caught on camera. Today’s football Twitter story is about Lionel Messi’s former coach, who it seems spotted a Japanese boy playing football on a YouTube video. He then took to Twitter about the boy, dubbed the “Japanese Messi,” and now we’d like to find out just who the mystery boy is?

The Barcelona cadets coach, Francisco Javier Garcia Pimienta, saw the video on YouTube of the unknown boy, who is around 9-years-old, and posted a link to it on his Twitter feed. The film shows the boy practicing at home and also playing football, sometimes with much older lads, and his flair stood out straight away. You can see the video below this story and you’ll see what we mean. Pimienta grabbed people’s attention to the video by tweeting, “Ho haveu vist? Ho haveu vist?” meaning, ‘Did you see? Did you see?’ according to a report on Metro by Alistair Potter, and the comparisons to Messi are pretty obvious.

Now, when Lionel Messi’s former youth coach gets excited people tend to sit up and take notice and that’s exactly what has happened. The clip of the “Japanese Messi” has now been viewed over 700,000 times but still nobody seems to know who he is! The boy’s mastery of the ball for one so young is certainly impressive, showing composure, control and real talent and style, although it’s noted that he doesn’t like to pass the ball. He’s still young!

We want to know who this young boy is but for now just watch the video and enjoy his skills. I have a feeling we’ll be hearing more about him in the future. What are your thoughts on the “Japanese Messi?” Let us know with your comments.