Foursquare New Web Page Makes Brand Following Easy

Location-based Foursquare, popular for its user check-in‘s and collection of badges and points, has now rolled out a new web page to make life easier for its subscribers. As more and more individuals, small and large organisations are exploring new ways of promoting their brands through social media, Foursquare have now upped their game with a new web page feature.

To give users a better experience of the service and to showcase some of the top brands, the new Pages Gallery feature will help in this very quest. Some 1,323 brands are already firm residents on Foursquare‘s site and the new feature will allow users to quickly find and follow the branded names.

As Mashable reported, the new feature “Gallery,” as in the name suggests, will give users an array of different brands on company pages including specific information relating to the product and so on. There is also now a simple way for searching through pages with the opportunity to browse at your leisure with what is new or trending at the time.

To keep up with your friends, the new feature will also allow you to search through the pages that they too have sourced.

Are you a Foursquare fan? What are your thoughts on the new “Pages Gallery” feature?

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