Find People You Want To Follow With Twitter’s Upgraded Search

If your list of followers on Twitter is becoming dry then maybe it is time to add some more. The microblog have just rolled out a new update which finds new people by searching for who has been tweeting on that topic the most. The upgraded search will now make it easier to find and follow more people who you have an interest in.

We have a great example of how the new search tool works thanks to Mashable, who have tested it out already. Lets say you want to follow a person from the film industry, by searching for the term “movies”, it will give suggestions such as directors like Jon Favreau and Judd Apatow, as well as actors like Tom Hanks. The results come mainly from people who have tweeted about that topic and are also related to it.

If the results do not make happy reading then you can look for more suggestions by clicking the “People” tab on the left hand side of the search results. By doing this you can also browse recent tweets about the queried topic. Previously search results were yielded from keywords and now that results are gathered from Tweets on the topic, it requires a more advanced algorithm, Twitter announced in a blog post.

The interface upgrade comes soon after Facebook also made some changes. On the mobile version of their site, they have now united the two different versions into one. Follow the link for more information and a discussion on how these changes could impact Google can be found here. Leave us your thoughts on the search change Twitter has implemented and if you prefer it.