Dell 10″ Rosemount Tablet: May Not Arrive Until Fall

We have written about an upcoming Dell 10-inch Rosemount tablet on a couple of occasions. Earlier in the year the tablet featured on a leaked Dell tablet roadmap with a release date around June, then more recently we gave you some more information with a rumored release date mentioned of April. However we now have news that the Rosemount may not be released until the fall.

As a brief reminder we call tell you the Rosemount is a Windows 7 tablet and will have an Intel Oak Trail Atom chip. Other features include a removable battery, remote wipe and a screen resolution of 1366 x 768. News of the delay comes to us from Vlad Savov over on Engadget, sourced from Forbes, and Savov points out that to be fair, a release date has never been announced so the term ‘delay’ is suspect. Nevertheless many were expecting to see the tablet well before the fall.

Apparently though, ‘insider information’ says that the tablet won’t appear until September at the earliest, which could disappoint a lot of people. However as the company has already called the Rosemount, a “business-ready tablet,” Dell was probably not aiming at the back-to-school market. At first we wondered if Dell was waiting for the release of Windows 8 which we wrote about earlier today but the public beta is not due until late this year with the full release of Windows 8 not expected until 2012, so that doesn’t look likely.

A report on the delay of the Rosemount over on Electronista also notes that Dell is indeed preparing a Window 8 tablet (not the Rosemount) but that it’s not expected to be ready for release until late 2012. What are your thoughts on the Dell Rosemount? Were you hoping for it sooner rather than later? Why not let us know by sending your comments.