Apple iPod Touch 5th Gen Leaked: Real Or Fake

When it comes to Apple and their hardware you can never really tell what is coming or when, you only have to look back at the iPad 2 where nobody really knew for sure it was coming. It’s a similar situation with their new Thunderbolt peripheral; nobody even heard a peep until it was upon us.

Now we are hearing rumors of the Apple iPod Touch 5th generation being leaked in a photograph, we want to know your opinion on if they are real or fake. If these are fakes then they are pretty impressive but they reveal something that we haven’t seen before on an Apple device and that’s the physical home button not being there.

We learned of this through Slashgear’s Chris Davies who reports that the 128GB model shown has a capacitive button as oppose to the physical one that we are all used to. In my opinion that would be a mistake, anybody that has used a device with capacitive buttons on it may agree.

The photos were originally sighted over on Crunchgear where John Biggs has added an article talking about previous markings seen on devices, so head on over and have a read.

What do you all think? Does this look like the real deal to you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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