WWE Tough Enough Reality Show: iOS and Android Apps Free

For WWE fans just getting over the excitement of Wrestlemania 27, there’s news that the WWE reality franchise “Tough Enough” begins again this evening on the USA network. This time viewers can feel even more of the experience with the use of mobile apps and there’s a free iOS app for mobile devices as well as an Android app.

The idea of the apps is to get more viewers to watch live and involve them more in the show and social media is also being used, according to Jennifer Van Grove over on Mashable. Three or 4 keywords will be seeded through Facebook and Twitter during each broadcast and if app users find those keywords and enter them they have a chance to win bonuses such as deleted scenes and bloopers access, plus other select app content.

The iOS iPhone and iPad app can be found at this iTunes link while an Android app will be available from the Android Market but has yet to go live. Jesse Redniss, USA Network’s vice president of digital said, “We want to push the boundaries of social television as much as possible. We want to change the way people are watching television.”

Meanwhile Phil Nickinson over on Android Central also reports on the apps for “Tough Enough” and informs us the show begins at 11:05 pm EST. Nickinson also details how check-in features on the app will allow you to go into competition against your friends and you can also earn points to use through the USA Network’ Tough Club program, along with being able to chat with others during the broadcast.

It seems that we’re likely to see more apps for particular TV programs so what other TV shows would you like a specific app for? Will you be downloading the WWE Tough Enough app? Let us know with your comments.

  • http://toughenough jim huff

    After I watch tonights show .I should of been there in the ring to show stone cold what it takes to be a super wrestler steve you should of did some more scoutting because I am the next wwe super star