Twitter’s Hottest Trends: The Top 10

Its about that time again in the week where we reveal what has been trending on Twitter over the past 7 days. It may come as no surprise that Matt Silverman over on Mashable has once again done a fantastic job compiling the microblog’s hottest topics of the week.

We start at the top of the pack, where Miss Twitter or Lady Gaga as she is known worldwide is sitting at the top. Gaga celebrated her 25th Birthday last week and now also has 9 million followers on the site. The runner up is “the Jackie Chan death hoax”, where rumours surfaced that the martial arts legend had passed away. Once the claims were confirmed as false, the trend re-occurred.

Soccer/football has made its regular appearance in our chart at number 3 this week. Amongst the tweets were England’s 1-1 draw with the Ghanaian national team, as well as the USA’s clash with Argentina and the 103rd anniversary of Clube Atletico Mineiro, a Brazilian major league team. Users have been directing their tweets to New York City, which has earned the big apple 4th place in the chart.

Formula 1 racing has zoomed into the chart at number 5, as the new used system KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) were hotly spoke about, as well as tweeters discussing the Australian Grand Prix. Sports continue to dominate as cricket has entered the chart at number 6, due to the ICC World Cup. The tweets were about the big semi final between Pakistan and India, with the Indians going on to win the tournament.

NCAA March Madness is your number 8 trend is week as tweeters flooded in support for their basketball teams remaining in the tournament. The final 4 were Butler, UConn, Kentucky and VCU. In at 9 is Britney Spears who has been out and about promoting her new album as well as filming for a show on MTV. The pop singer appeared in Las Vegas and on Good Morning America.

Completing the trends this week is Geraldine Ferraro who was the first woman and Italian-American to run on a U.S. presidential ticket, she sadly passed away aged 75. That’s all for this week, if you missed last week’s chart you can find it here, and be sure to look out for next week’s edition. Let us know what you thought of the trends and if your twitter habits contributed to where they charted.