Teacher Suspended: Facebook Badmouthing The Cause

When it comes to Facebook and people using it in a silly way we generally get to hear about it. One of the similar stories that we have reported on includes the teacher who used Facebook to mock a student. Of course there are other ones where people have been caught out by social networking such as the bigamist who uploaded pictures of his second marriage to Facebook only for his first wife to find them.

Now we have read a report of a teacher who was suspended and Facebook badmouthing was the cause of the suspension. We learned of it through a report by Jorge Cino over on allfacebook.com where he says that teaching must be tough and sometimes it must get to you however it’s just not acceptable to post derogatory comments about your students on Facebook, we would tend to agree with that!

Whilst you can set your privacy settings through the roof, someone somewhere will see what you write and what people forget is that we all talk to each other. Social networking is one of those things that is beginning to creep into literally every other conversation all over the world.

So now you are probably wondering what the teacher in Paterson New Jersey said, well she wrote that she felt like a ‘Warden’ who is overseeing the ‘future criminals’ which leads us to a quote that we come back to time and time again… If you don’t want someone to see it, keep it to yourself.

In other words it’s probably best not to post stuff like that on Facebook as someone somewhere will see it and then they have a choice, do nothing or react. Perhaps Facebook isn’t the best place to share feelings like that of the teacher who at this time remains nameless and suspended until further notice.

Do you agree with the suspension or should there be a bit more room here for freedom of speech? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • irishcalypso

    Teachers and students should not be "friends" on facebook.