TDK Get Official With New Line Of Boombox – Your Thoughts?

We at OSM like to bring you some of the best sound systems that we find on the net, some of the ones we have added reports on include the speakers in your sneakers as well as the new Pioneer headphones that specialize in cancelling noise that come at a price.

Today we have another report on TDK getting official with a new line of Boombox and we want to know your thoughts on this. The Boombox is a retro style of music system and as we all know, retro things always come back into fashion. Now with this new device you can relive your favorite music videos including those by Run DMC and various rap groups sporting the Boombox.

We learned of TDK’s newest additions through Engadget where Donald Melanson has added his own report about their devices. He mentions that the new line of retro looking devices were showcased at CES 2011 but as many of you know, that event was pretty much consumed by the focus on tablet PCs.

There are a few different models to choose from, one of them is the three speaker Boombox that has a 6-inch subwoofer and two 6-inch coaxial drivers priced at $499, and there is also a 2 speaker model available. This has two 6-inch coaxial drivers. Both of these models have inputs for USB flash drives, iPod and iPhone connections carrying a price tag of $399.

There’s one other model, this is the Sound Cube. This little bad boy is a new design never before seen on a Boombox, it has two 5 1/4 –inch coaxial drivers and a number of connections similar to that of the above models. One other thing as explained on the TDK official website is that these devices can have things like guitars and microphones plugged into them too. If you want to grab any of these devices then use this link to be directed to Amazon.

What do you think of these devices? Would you go retro with a Boombox? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.