Old Cellphone Ads: Brick-Like Device Memories

Here at OSM we like to bring you all the news and developments about the latest tech products but for a change today, we want to take you back in time to jog a few memories by looking at some of the old cellphone ads via YouTube. We had forgotten about many of the old cellphone commercials and of course looking back now the brick-like devices look pretty ridiculous though at the time most of us were really impressed.

Over on Mashable, Amy-Mae Elliott has rounded up 10 of these vintage commercials so for a touch of nostalgia and a good chuckle read on, or maybe you’re too young to remember any of them….ahem…I’m not saying which group I belong to. One of the funniest looks like an April Fools’ gag now. It’s a RadioShack commercial for a transportable cellular telephone, which by today’s standards is anything but affordable. Watch it below this story.

Another great ad is the Sony Ericsson “One Black Coffee Please” from 1996 in which a luckless man watches a woman on her cellphone in a restaurant and thinks she’s talking to him. At the end the woman whips her cellphone out from beneath her big hair, which reveals she’s actually on her cellphone to somebody else. Another one we loved featured ex-Doctor Who Tom Baker in a BT Cellnet commercial whispering and carrying a massive cellphone. For a truly hideous experience you should also check out the BT Pager ad from the 1980s which will bring back many memories of dodgy hairstyles and fashion plus some horrendous singing and dancing.

We’ve embedded one of these commercials below our article but for a look at all these ads plus more head to the Mashable link above. We’d love to hear your thoughts on these old commercials. Maybe you even used one of these early cellphones? Let us know by sending us your comments.