iPod Nano Rumor: 7th Generation May Feature Camera

After a weekend that’s seen rumors about a new 8-megapixel camera coming to the iPhone 5, we now have news for you about the iPod nano as it seems that the 7th generation nano may feature a camera.

Some of you will recall that the 5th generation nano featured video recording with a widescreen display but then the smaller, more compact 6th generation nano came along, without those features, but with a multi-touch screen and belt clip instead. Mark Gurman over on 9to5Mac reports that a leaked iPod nano part, shown by Apple.Pro in China, purports to be from the 7th generation nano, and shows a camera feature, while maintaining the current compact size of the nano.

The Chinese website leaking this information is known to have a good track record as far as reliable leaks go and previously gave accurate details of the iPad 2 and the current iPod nano, so a camera in the next-generation iPod nano now looks very likely. 9to5Mac also notes that the current position of the belt clip would have to be moved or adapted in some way.

Over on International Business Times it seems that some people are perturbed about a camera for the next iPod nano and IBT quotes PMZanetti from the 9to5Mac forums as saying, “The idea of a Camera now, on this micro device, is just a head shaker. The device has officially gotten too small to be useful (IMO), and now they’re going to add a camera? For what purpose?”

Are you an iPod nano user and if so what are your thoughts on a camera for the seventh generation model? Can you imagine using a camera on such a small device? Let us know with your comments.