iPhone 5 Camera: No Change To Lenses, Omnivision Key Player

Just 2 days ago, we gave you updated news about the forthcoming iPhone 5 from Apple, and the possible inclusion of a new 8 megapixel camera including lenses made by Sony. This news came from a recent interview with Sony’s CEO Howard Stringer when apparently he accidentally spilled the beans as to the change in lens suppliers. This in turn would have put current Omnivision out of the picture.

As with much of the iPhone 5 news, it is only rumor until proven otherwise. Just recently we gave you an infographic of possible features coming to the handset, but as AppleInsider reported today, the change in lens suppliers will not be any different, in fact Omnivision has provided the iPhone 4’s 5 megapixel camera sensors along with the 3.2 megapixel found in the iPhone 3GS model.

To some including an analyst Yair Reiner based at Oppenheimer & Co, the mere idea to change from Omnivision to Sony is really not an option, they said that the camera plus sensors will in fact come from Omnivision.

Reports recently suggest that Apple’s iPhone 5 will not be with us sometime in the summer, not even making an entrance at the WWDC in San Francisco, but as Jamie over at PR News said, it will arrive sometime late September 2012.

Give us your thoughts on the delayed iPhone 5 and the inclusion of a 8 megapixel camera? If we do indeed see the handset next year, how can you see the smartphone market progressing now?

  • Crazy

    Do you mean 2011? If the iPhone 5 release is delayed, it won’t be that long. Unless there are unforeseen problems like those on the elusive white iPhone 4.

  • Crazy

    And I doubt that Ape will stick with a 5 Meg camera with all these other phones coming out with 8 (or even 10) cameras. I also am not sure about a regular home screen buttons as seen on the four previous models. It is very likely that a capacitive button will be used. After seeing a prototype first hand it is very possible. It will also be a bit snappier with the new A5 processor running it.

  • Crazy

    And it is Not very likely that the back of the phone will be made of a metal.