Google Gmail Motion: Not Just A Trick, Becomes True

With April Fool’s Day now been and gone, one prank from Google that we reported on seems to have re-surfaced itself. As well as YouTube’s 1911 viral videos that we gave you news on, was Google’s Gmail prank which caught many of you out, with news that you could control your Gmail emails through body gestures, a bit like the Microsoft Kinect gaming console.

But today, with what started out as just a joke, may now be more of a reality thanks to a team of developers over at the Institute of Creative Technologies, a University based in California.

Mashable has reported on the development of what is known as Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit (FAAST) based on the prank “SLOOW” in its longer form Software Library Optimizing Obligatory Waving. It works with a Kinect camera to control the text that you type into Gmail using body movement and to send the email, a licking of a stamp and putting it onto a image that signifies a envelope is all that is needed.

Although to some this may seem like a new idea, in fact towards the end of last year, this very technology was used when the Institute’s team played World of Warcraft using body gestures.

To find out how this works check out the video below courtesy of YouTube.

Give us your thoughts on this idea? Is it something you can see yourself using?