Firefox 5: Rumored June 29th With New Inclusions?

It was only just a short while ago that here at OSM, we were giving you updated news on Mozilla’s new Firefox 4 update. Now if the news if anything to go by today, there will be another new version of the web browser ready on June 29th.

Firefox 4 as we reported at the time would be beneficial for Android smartphone and tablet users, with an increase in browser speeds, in fact up to 3 times faster along with other features including a greater response time to syncing from your desktop, quick tab browsing, single touch bookmarking, easy personal customization and so on. So what can we expect to see from the new Firefox 5?

As PR News via Conceivably Tech reported, new features may be compared to Google’s Chrome browser and include tab multi-select which will give you the option of having more than one tab open on your screen at any one time. Along with this, as Gary at PR News stated, the add-ons are hopefully going to receive standardized toolbar support with an upload indicator.

Instead of the usual home button, Firefox‘s developers Mozilla, are expected to introduce a permanent home tab in its place, along with a new integrated PDF viewer which could be relayed to other file formats including the MP3.

Other new features are hoped to include a paper plane logo in the URL bar at the top which will signify and give instant access to the social networking sites Facebook and Twitter and even sites such as Digg and StumbleUpon. As Ubergizmo stated, the latest version will be well within its second stage of development during the middle of this month with the final stage being released on June 29th.

Give us your thoughts on this? What would you like to see? How are you finding Firefox 4?