AT&T iPhones Increase By $50: Early Upgrade At A Cost

With a seemingly endless stream of new smartphones flooding on to the market, a 2 year contract can be like a life sentence. As you watch fresh new devices burst on to the shelves, your current handset that only months before was the best thing since sliced bread, suddenly becomes outdated and less appealing.

You fancy an upgrade, but now your’e faced with the problem of finishing your contract early. Understandably there is always a price to pay to terminate this agreement, but according to Apple Insider, if you are on AT&T and an iPhone is your device of choice then an extra $50 will be added on to your final billing, and it doesn’t just end there either, because if you favor another model of smartphone then you will be expected to fork out an extra $150 to end early. These findings were first confirmed by AndroidCentral.

As Peter over at PR News comments, “We have to wonder if these increases will be worse once AT&T swallow up T-Mobile?”

We have to agree, the fact that AT&T have taken on T-Mobile does suggest that the revised pricing plans could well be to try and re-coup some cash. While we realize that an early upgrade is fronted with an early settlement charge, can this level of increase really be justified?

Of course if you look at it from an environmental angle, the need to upgrade at a price could force some to hold on to their smartphone till the end of their contract, thus producing less waste and in-turn saving yourself the extra cash.

If you still wish to upgrade early, AT&T’s price hike was affective from yesterday with the 8GB iPhone 3GS increasing to $299, while the 16GB and 32GB iPhone 4’s coming in at $449 and $549 respectively.

What level will you go to in order to upgrade your device?