Google Doodle Observes Ice Cream Sundae: Hint Of Android 4.0?

As many of you are aware from time to time when you click onto search engine Google, you will see one of their Doodles which coincides with either a special anniversary of a certain event, or even an individual’s birthday. Just recently we reported on the anniversary of chemist Robert Bunsen and his Bunsen Burner invention which many of us will remember from our school days. Today interestingly enough its the turn of the ice-cream sundae and its 119th anniversary.

The pudding which was first seen back in 1892 by its creator Chester Platt is still proving to be popular and in appearance the ice cream sundae as seen in the Google above, shows scoops of vanilla ice-cream with a wafer and cherry positioned on the top with a pouring of syrup.

So what do we know about its creator? Chester Platt a soda fountain owner in NYC, was keen to impress a church minister John Scott with his idea, but many others as the reported believe the idea originated when a truck carrying ice-cream crashed into a tanker containing syrup, and the name Sundae derived from being after the “Sabbath” and given every Sunday thereafter.

What intrigued our source today, is the possible connection between today’s Doodle and Google’s new ice-cream OS due for release? Tell us what you think.

Over at, they have come up with a list of Sundae facts including the most expensive dessert which cost a £1,000 when it was covered in golf leaf and made its way to a table in a NYC restaurant.

Tell us what your ideal ice-cream sundae would be?