YouTube Babies Chatting Viral Video: Gripping Conversation

Here at OSM, every now and then we like to bring you news of funny, strange or entertaining YouTube videos that have gone viral. Recently for example we’ve told of the Epic Rap Battles of History 7, and one about a lad called Casey who was being bullied but fought back. Today’s YouTube viral video stars two baby twin boys chatting and it looks like they’re having a gripping conversation.

We previously told you about the Mommy’s Nose is Scary video too, and there’s something about babies in videos that’s just so enjoyable so we defy you to watch this latest video without smiling. The two twins were filmed at home chatting and laughing in the kitchen together. When I say chatting, this is no ordinary vocabulary but it really sounds like they’re having a good talk and looking like they understand each other’s babble. You can see the video below this story so do take a look and you’ll see what we mean!

When filmed the twins were only 17-months old yet seem to have the mannerisms, expressions and tone of voice of little adults. An AFP report tells how the two-minute video has now been viewed on YouTube over 2.2 million times since Valentine’s Day. Every time I watch, the sound of the two boys laughing makes me smile again. It’s a great video to keep for those days when you feel down.

Happily the boy’s mother also has a blog, so people will be able to follow the boy’s progress. So interesting is the video to watch that child development experts have now started to study it, looking at how language skills develop. If you want to know more about this check out an article on Life’s Little Mysteries by Natalie Wolchover, reporting on what the experts think of the video.

What do you think of the “Babies Chatting” video and isn’t it great to see what looks like obvious affection between the twins as they natter on? We’d love to hear what you think about this so please send in those comments.

  • aain

    this video is interesting and make you laugh as many times as you watch beautiful recording from parents.

    To me know it looks the twin who is held on to the fridge handle has set his mind to open up the door but caught by his other twin brother, he is trying to distract him by doing the gestures and trying his best to open the door.

    Good luck for his efforts god bless these twin lovely to watch……..