Facebook April Fools Day Jokes: What Did You Do?

Being that one day a year where you can get away with saying just about anything we thought we would put together an article to collate some of the jokes we have seen with some that you readers have seen too. This will give us a good base to prepare for next year’s April Fools.

So what did you guys do for April Fools Day jokes on Facebook? Some of our favorites that are tried and tested are changing your birthday to April 1st so you get a bunch of messages saying happy birthday, another was by a friend of ours from Product Reviews who lives in Hong Kong saying that we are meeting at a restaurant tonight which went down very well.

We have also seen some friends saying that they have broken bones saying that their marriages and relationships have broken down prompting their Facebook friends to offer support. Possibly the most frustrating one that you can do is if you really want to get your own back on someone going through every post that they have added to their Facebook profile and commenting on it, beware this one takes time but it would be worth it!

Don’t forget that there are a number of apps that you can get for your iPhone as well that can really wind people up such as ‘Dude, Your Car!’ where you can add dents and smashes to people’s pictures of a car before emailing the picture to them!

So readers, what pranks did you pull on Facebook to your friends and how effective were they? Remember we are preparing for next year’s fun so the more devious the better!