EA Sports “World Series Superstars” Game Hits Home Run With Facebook

No doubt a huge number of you are already Facebook fans and use the site for keeping in touch with loved ones and friends, updating your status, uploading photos and so on, but there will be a percentage of you who enjoy just logging onto the site to play a little gaming and this is where today’s news ties in nicely. Bring on Electronic Arts and PlayFish “World Series Superstars,” which at this current time is only available to users in North America. In the past as many of you are aware, EA has brought games to Facebook such as Madden NFL Superstars, EA Sports FIFA Superstars as well as PGA TOUR Golf Challenge.

The baseball game coming to Facebook will be free to its users and as businesswire.com reported, is backed up by MLB Players Association and MLB Advanced Media. The aim of World Series Superstars is to initially build up the ballpark, invite a crowd and then of course build up a team of your favorite baseball players, coach and look after them annually whilst they take part in their games, which could potentially lead you to play in some 30 Major League Games to reach the ultimate World Series.

In a statement from VP and General Manager of the Social and Digital Game Business Unit of EA Sports Mike Taramykin he said, “World Series Superstars will be a compelling new experience for baseball fans. With FIFA Superstars, Madden NFL Superstars, and EA SPORTS PGA TOUR Golf Challenge, EA SPORTS has pioneered new ways for fans to connect to the sports they are passionate about on Facebook. With World Series Superstars, we’re committed to expanding the social category for sports games and providing baseball fans in North America with an opportunity to connect to the sport in a new way.”

Will you be joining World Series Superstars? Let us know.