Boxer Amir Khan Exits Twitter & Facebook Ahead Of Big Fight

Online social networking site Twitter is fast catching up with Facebook in terms of popularity, and is used not just by the likes of you and me, but for celebrities as well. Here at OSM we have reported on footballers taking to the site and tweeting away, music stars, actors and actresses, writers and so on and today its the turn of boxing champion Amir Khan.

With his latest battle against 31-year old Irishman Paul McCloskey looming nearer, Khan has announced that he has shut down his Twitter and Facebook accounts just until the fight has finished. His reason, to spend time training and focusing on the WBA light-welterweight fight ahead, which will be hosted on April 16th in Manchester.

In a handful of tweets to his loyal fans, he not only mentioned his news to close his current fan pages but to finally comment on many rumors that had been circulating about his private life. In one tweet he said, “Twitters head ache especially when u got wanna be’s. So guys I’m too old for this. Its not fair on me if things come in the paper.”

He went on to thank the support that his friends and fans had given him on both sites and as he stated to, he wanted to focus on his fight which takes up a lot of time. As he said, “You can get hooked on Twitter and Facebook. I haven’t got time to be arguing or chatting with people on it. The two weeks before the fight are crucial and I need to put 100 per cent of my efforts into that.”

Will you be tuning into the April 16th Amir Khan fight? Who’s your money on?