April Fool’s Day 2011 Survey: 40% Definitely Playing a Joke

Here at OSM we’ve been following April Fool’s Day 2011 jokes and pranks today and have seen some real beauties so far. Some of our posts include the Gmail Motion Google April Fools’, then YouTube stepping back in time, whilst another was a look at using Facebook to pull some pranks. Now we have news of an April Fools 2011 social network survey that gives us an idea of how many people will be up to tricks today and what they might be doing.

The survey was conducted using social networks and involved 400 Americans and this enlightening infographic was compiled by Lab 42 and brought to our attention by Charlie White over on Mashable. It seems that the social media world is keen to play its part in April Fool’s and you might get an idea for a stunt of your own by reading on. The infographic, entitled, “The Jokes on Who?” reveals that 40% say they will definitely be playing a prank today, while 37% say that they probably will, 18% saying no and the remaining 5% say they don’t partake at all.

Asking about people’s general attitudes on April Fools over half, 56%, said they felt mischievous, 11% felt annoyed, 26% said they felt indifferent and 7% admitted they were actually paranoid. The best April Fool’s prank? Changing the clock was the prank of choice for 26% of those surveyed. As for who would be duped, the most likely candidates are friends on 32% followed by significant other on 22%. Only 1% of pranksters have the nerve to try it on their boss. As far as choice of social network for joke playing, the most popular was Facebook with 40% saying they would use it.

There’s tons more information on the infographic including the best April Fool’s jokes participants ever played and which recent event did they wish had just been an April Fools. The one that came out top of the latter question was the Justin Bieber movie, Never Say Never. To check out the full infographic head to the Mashable link above. You may also be interested in our article about the best Google April Fools’ jokes through the years. Will you be playing a prank today or have you had any particularly good ones pulled on you? Why not let us know with your comments.