iMac 2011 Refresh: New Tweet Reiterates Release Rumor

Many of our readers, and us, are waiting for the Apple iMac 2011 refresh and hope to see new and updated iMacs. We have been following the latest news and speculation on this and recently told of a rumor that the new lineup would be coming in April or May after a tweet from respected Cnet writer, Brian Tong. Then all went quiet, but now Tong has reiterated his earlier release rumor with a new tweet, which makes it pretty clear he’s still sticking by his claim.

We previously published an article about what you would like to see on the new iMacs and also what you’d be were willing to pay for a new improved range and we know from the comments we received, just how many of you are eager for them to arrive. Suggestions that seemed to be at the top of a lot of people’s lists were the new Sandy Bridge processors and also Thunderbolt technology. Tong also confirmed that the new iMacs would feature both of these and said he was confident of his sources.

Now in his latest tweet Tong said, “Same as before, potentially end of April, beginning of May,” according to Ronald O Carlson over on Mac.Blorge. It’s good news that Tong still believes his earlier assertion to be true as he is someone we could expect to be ‘in the know.’ Tong previously also told how cosmetically, there would be no major changes.

Meanwhile Steven Sande at TUAW also reports on this latest tweet from Tong and also refers to a report from Dennis Sellers at MacNews where Sellers states he expects the new iMacs to have dual-core or quad-core Sandy Bridge processors and turning to the hard disk capacity expects models between 500GB to 1TB. However Sande disagrees with this forecast and predicts models will have a starting point of 1TB going up to 3TB configured, which seems more like it and would certainly please a lot of people.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on this. Please continue to let us know with your comments what you are hoping to see and if you’re pleased with what you’ve heard is expected so far. Are you waiting for the new iMacs 2011?

  • DJNiek

    Really looking forward to the new IMacs!
    I hope, they'll have:
    – Sandy Bridge Processors
    – Thunderbolt
    – 1+ TB HDD
    – SSD Boot
    – Screen size; 24 inch

    Would be VERY nice!

  • Santi

    The latest talk is that there will be no new hardware until possibly late September and new iMacs are not parents that line up. Rumors rumors rumors

  • Chris

    No, the rumors said there is no new hardware during WWDC

  • Joe Moe

    When exactly will it be available for sell? I've been waiting for 2 months now and getting tired. Thinking of buying a Sony or HP instead for half the price.

  • Colin

    Improvements to Imac range
    – 27 inch screen is great, but feels a waste when all you do is display a single web page in the middle of the screen. A better way of displaying multiple pages on the browser to take advantage of the screen size would be better
    – Poor access point to headphone sockets is a real pain, please put them on the side
    – Faster processor and thunderbolt would be good
    – Better built in speakers would be useful as these are average in current range

  • Wendy Oliver

    Waiting as patiently as I can… Come on Apple – give us the release date!

  • Tom

    Will the cost be similiar or will they bump it up a little?


    We need not only updated hardware but also less chin on the iMac. More screen…on the display. We need to be able to visually differentiate for the 2011 model. A different perspective if you will: internally and externally. Not wait until the 2012, that would send the wrong message. Apple cannot afford to cut corners on this model at this point and time. It would send the wrong message to all the hardcore Apple lovers and those out of the loop. On a serious note: Praying for Steve Jobs health,
    G-d Bless him.