HTC Pyramid Update: Leaked Photos Astound

In recent times we at OSM have been reporting on the HTC Pyramid and let’s be honest, it looks like it’s going to be an absolute beast of a device. Debbie Turner recently told us that there’s an expectancy that the device will be running Android 2.4 Ice Cream in June, a leaked photo and of course we have already asked you how much cash you will part with for HTC’s new bad boy.

Now we have heard from’s Chris Burns that there’s been another HTC Update, a Leaked Photo set to astound you because of how cool this device really is. As things stand the device looks to be packing some pretty good specs that pushes it towards the high end market, which means it will undoubtedly have quite a hefty price tag too.

Let’s just have a quick recap on some of the key; standout specifications. It has a 4.3 capacitive touchscreen that runs at a resolution of 540x960m whilst supporting multi-touch. Not only that but it has a dual-core qualcomm MSM 8260 processor running at 1200MHz, an 8 megapixel rear-facing camera and when it does become available it’s expected to be running on Android 2.3. You can read the entire specification list for the device over at

Of course these specs aren’t concrete could change anytime before the device is expected to hit T-Mobile in Q2. The original source of the photographs is one of the guys from the XDA developer’s website. Check out the images next courtesy of one of the XDA-developer admins.

What do you think of the HTC Pyramid, do you already have it earmarked as your next device? Let us know in the comments section below.