Facebook Profile Page Conversion: Will You Do It?

Facebook has made a lot of changes in recent times as they strive to provide the best user experience and improve their service that they provide to the 500 million users that are signed up. Some of the changes that we have seen in recent times are their Places going global, Facebook re-testing memorable status updates and of course the profile page makeovers.

Now the social networking giant has rolled out another change that we didn’t think was there before but the way that the help centre has written their guide is as if it has always been available. It is to do with Facebook profile page conversions and we are wondering… Will you do it?

Jackie Cohen over at allfacebook.com explains in her article that when you convert your profile into a page it retails all of your friends as fans however there is some other information that gets lost within the process should a user not copy and save all of their personal information to their computer. If you are unsure how to save your information then use this link from Facebook and it will tell you the process.

One other thing we should inform you of is that once you have converted your profile into a page it is irreversible so you will be stuck with it. This will be great for small businesses who maintain their page on Facebook and they are more than likely the target group for this change.

What do you think of the changes? Will you be converting your personal page into a business page? Let us know in the comments section how successful you have been with it.