Facebook Profile Security: High Percentage Unsecure

Facebook is the biggest social network on the web and has an army of people who are using it, more than 500 million of them. We have previously reported on various ways to look after your Facebook page such as removing unwanted malware from your Facebook, we also brought you the top 10 excuses for ignoring privacy settings.

Now we are hearing of some other news about Facebook profile security and how a high percentage of them are unsecure. According to allfacebook.com’s Jackie Cohen, only 7% of those users surveyed by BitDefender use any form of security solutions for their Facebook profiles. Cohen also mentions that around 87% of them have seen various postings that look rogue applications. If only 7% of users are using secure profiles, which means that 93% of them aren’t using any form of protection.

The number of surveyed users totals to 2,713 with an age range of 18 to 65, also provided were average counts of friends and where those friends came from. Cohen also explains that the average friend count of 137 with just over 80% of them being either from previous and current workplaces and old school friends.

Perhaps the most the most intriguing stat of them all is that the average users who were surveyed 42% of their friend lists were people that they didn’t actually know. Head over to malwarecity.com to read the full report. You can also learn more about how to secure your Facebook page using this link.

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