Amazon Exclusivity Of Free Angry Birds Rio Finishes Today

For all of you Android Angry Birds fans out there we have some important information for you. Remember when we reported that the Amazon App Store had exclusivity over Angry Birds Rio to allow free downloads.

Now we have read news from Phandroid’s Quentyn Kennemer that the Amazon Exclusivity of Free Angry Birds Rio finishes today so get yours downloaded before it’s too late. Whilst the exclusivity hasn’t lasted particularly long hopefully it’s been long enough to give the Amazon App Store it needed to get started.

According to Eurodroid Angry Birds Rio will be arriving on the Android Market later this week. They also inform us that the ad free version will remain an exclusive for Amazon but you can expect the other version to become filled with different advertisements as all of their games have become.

You can see the announcement over on the Rovio Angry Birds Facebook page. They have also mentioned on Euro droid that the addition of advertisements is a fair trade for some extra levels. We certainly hope that this is true. Keep an eye on the Rovio Facebook page as we are sure it will show up there.

Will you be picking up your free download of Angry Birds Rio today or are you already enjoying playing it? Let us know in the comments section below.