Warner Bros Buying Flixster: Obtainable?

Like many of you we have been keeping an eye on The Warner Bros in recent times mainly because they have added movie rentals to social networking giant Facebook. Something you may not know though is the Warner Bros may be buying Flixster, is it obtainable for the right price?

This would be a very bold move by the Warner Bros but it certainly looks as if they are taking strides towards social media like no other. The fact that they are even thinking about buying Flixster shows their commitment and faith in the world of social media.

The report has come from All Things Digital where their author Kara Swisher has added an article saying that Yahoo who were also in the running for the purchase have dropped out. This leaves The Warner Bros as front runners to secure the deal. The thoughts are that Flixster will be used as a way to attract more people to the movie rentals not too far fetched of those on Facebook.

Flixster was co-founded back in 2007 by Joe Greenstein and Saran Chari and the prices being talked about to complete the purchase are at an astronomical $90 million. From Swisher’s article we get the impression that talks are at a delicate stage and the price looks to have been enough to scare off Yahoo, it would seem to now be down to The Warner Bros to bite the bullet and take it on, we will update you with any further proceedings.

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  • t0mmymack

    Doesn't Rotten Tomatoes own Flixster?