US Plastic Surgeons Engage With Customers Through Social Media

As more and more of us turn to the internet either for leisure or business purposes, social networking sites are now as popular as ever and the way in which they can and are being used is on the increase. Many businesses are now taking up the idea of social media to advertise and market their chosen products and increase their customer base. In recent weeks, we have spoken about the world of sport such as MLB taking up the challenge of using Facebook, banks and restaurants, music, supermarkets, the world of fashion, the police force and so on.

Today its the turn of the health sector and the world of plastic surgery. Taking on this very concept, 2 surgeons based in LA have now decided to enlist the help of Facebook to give new and their existing patients a better and more user friendly service. As more people are taking to having cosmetic surgery be it, liposuction, botox or breast augmentation, the American practice is hoping that customers will use the new idea to research their chosen procedures and speak to others who have been through the same or similar experience.

As reported, the practice “Hankins and Sohn Plastic Surgery Associates,” which coincidentally has been formed for the last 20 years, are hoping that the new social media idea will work in close proximity to the initial consultation that all patients have to undergo.

In a short statement from the practice, they commented by saying, “We are pleased with the response we’ve had on Facebook and the internet via social media in providing new and innovative information for our clientele. This interaction adds an additional layer of open communication with our patients, which helps to educate and empower them to be proactive about their plastic surgery wants and needs.”

What do you think about social media being used in this way? As well as the upsides, can you see any downsides to this kind of patient interaction?