Samsung Galaxy S II (S2): Seriously Good Stuff With TouchWiz 4.0

We’ve written about the Samsung Galaxy S II (S2) on many occasions and have been impressed with this upcoming Android handset, which will feature Samsung’s new Android skin. Now we’ve had a look at a video, which shows some seriously good stuff using TouchWiz 4.0.

It works by using the motion sensors inside the phone and allows you to use your hands for certain controls. For instance, if you want to zoom in and out instead of using pinch-and-zoom, the Galaxy S II allows the user to simply rest 2 fingers on the screen and then bring the phone towards or away from them. We can imagine how using it will catch on pretty quickly even though it may feel quite odd at first. You can see the video below this story.

We heard about this quirky TouchWiz use from Vlad Savov of Engadget, sourced from Android Community and it’s thought that it’s the handset’s accelerometer that enables this use. Another neat trick is that if you want to put a new widget on your home panel you can flick through them by simply moving the phone from side-to-side. If you want to find out more about the Galaxy S II then head to an article by Alan Ng over on Product Reviews, who tells about an early review of this smartphone, which states it will be the “best handset on the market.”

What are your thoughts on TouchWiz 4.0 and the Samsung Galaxy S II? Do you think you could quickly get used to these hand gestures? We’re interested to hear from you so please do send us your comments.

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    I don’t care much about this phone. But I’d love you guys to do a report or review of Samsung Galaxy Tab. I am interested and would like to know if a newer version is coming out soon. Thanks.

  • Rune

    SGS II is the most promising thing outthere.. I'm really looking forward to it hitting the danish market.