Escapee Cobra Slithers Onto Twitter

We have seen many things occurring on Twitter; one of the best ways to gage it is through the Twitter Top 10 trends that we report to you each week. Some of the things that we have seen regarding Twitter in recent times include how it’s becoming more of a social information hub than a social network and also how Lady Gaga has managed to reach 9 million followers.

Now we have read an interesting story coming from Ki Mae Heussner of ABCNews where they are reporting that a 20-inch Egyptian Cobra has managed to escape from the NY Bronx Zoo. What we can tell you is the escapee cobra has slithered onto Twitter.

Not only is it there but BronxZoosCobra has managed to muster up 68,000+ followers and the page owner is providing regular updates of its situation. Many of them are amusing like the latest one at the time of writing this article which you can read below.

We have also read through another report from where they are saying that according to staff they are fairly confident that the venomous snake is still in the reptile house. They suspect that the adolescent snake is hiding and will eventually come out in search of food and staff are conducting daily checks of the premises for it.

If you aren’t sure about how potentially dangerous a snake like this is then try this on for size, it can kill a fully grown human being with a single bite in 15 minutes or as they say in the video at the bottom of the article, it can kill an elephant in 3 hours.

What do you think the escapee’s Twitter account? Are you following it? Let us know in the comments section below.