Dual-Screen Acer Iconia Touchbook: Official Specs, Price & Release

Are you in the market for a new notebook but are spoilt for choice? Today official information has come through for Acer‘s new Iconia Touchbook running on Windows 7. As well as a specifications listing, we can now give you a price and release date, well for the US market that is.

With so many devices currently on the market and more on the way, the decision can be somewhat difficult. What makes this little number unique from its counterparts is the inclusion of not one screen but two, allowing you for instance, to watch a film on the top section whilst browsing on the bottom with this screen controlling the action at the top.

The 14-inch LED dual screened tablet, used by typing or finger touch is the first of its kind making it a big contender against other makes, and back in January at the Las Vegas CES event, it scored highly giving it the award for “Last Gadget Standing.”

As Slashgear reported, included in terms of specifications, will be the power of a Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM, 640GB hard drive, 1.3MP webcam, USB 3.0, HDMI, WiFi, touch-based browser giving you, the user an easy and stress free way of surfing the web, various apps including MyJournal which in a nutshell gives you the option of storing various websites, up to date news and kept information, accessibility to social networking sites such as Facebook and YouTube with the aid of Social Jogger, Gesture Editor, Capture Tool and so on.

In a statement from Senior Product Marketing Manager for Acer America, Eric Ackerson he said, “The Acer Iconia Touchbook delivers a computing and visual experience like no other. Whether the Touchbook is used by a small business owner or a student, its unique dual screen design enhances the interaction they will have with their digital data. Our compelling design and apps will let them discover new and much more personal ways to communicate and enjoy the computing experience, regardless of whether it’s work related or for personal enjoyment.”

In terms of price, the US market can expect to pay a price of $1,199.99, and the Canadian being $1,199.00, both with availability from April, although pre-orders are now being taken.

What are your thoughts on this new offering from Acer? Would you be prepared to pay the above prices for a pretty special notebook? Let us know.

  • Tom Nguyen

    Alright. Gotta have one for myself on next coming month… 😉