No Strings Strumming With The Hyper Touch Guitar

At OSM we love to bring you devices that have something special about them or that have some sort of uniqueness. Recent reports have seen the speakers in your sneakers, a customized NES that has been turned into a high spec computer but if you are more into your music then this might be worth a read for you.

We have found an article over on Slashgear by their author Shane McGlaun where he is talking about no strings strumming with the Hyper Touch guitar. That’s right; you did just read that correctly, essentially it’s a guitar with no physical strings.

For anyone that has any friends who can play the guitar, whenever they start bashing out a tune that everybody knows there’s always a slight hint of jealousy from some people in the room. The guitar is one of the cooler instruments in the band and whilst there are many different types, this guy seems to have just about all the bases covered.

As described by its creator Max Battaglia on this link to his blog you can read that the device/instrument is completely customizable. It works using a multi-touchscreen through the neck of the guitar, the advantage to having technology in place is that you can select how many strings are used, the number of frets, tuning and different sound effects.

Pretty cool don’t you think? For all you musicians out there, would you use one of these bad boys? Let us know in the comments section below.