Lady Gaga’s Birthday: Twitter Milestone of 9 Million Followers

Lady Gaga is undoubtedly not just a singing superstar but also the biggest star in the social networking world. Today, March 28, is Lady Gaga’s birthday when she becomes 25 and what better way to celebrate than reaching a Twitter milestone and becoming the first person to have 9 million followers on the popular social networking site.

We’ve written about Lady Gaga’s use of social networking sites many times. Recently on Twitter she launched a fundraising campaign for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, by selling a bracelet and she has also taken to Twitter and YouTube to promote her newest singles. Although on Facebook Eminem recently surpassed her total of ‘Likes’ it’s a different story on Twitter where Lady Gaga reigns supreme.

Over on Metro, Joanna McCabe reports on the Born This Way singer being the first celebrity to reach the magic 9 million followers on Twitter and also reminds us that it was only a few months ago that Lady Gaga reached 5.7 million followers, overtaking Britney Spears in the process. Other records belonging to Lady Gaga are receiving over a billion YouTube viewings and also having the most amount of online singles sold.

The Biebster is hot on the tails of Lady Gaga with Twitter followers now reaching 8.4 million, and he’s followed by Britney Spears, Barack Obama and Kim Kardashian in that order. Just hours before her birthday Lady Gaga once again took to Twitter, this time to post a photo of herself and Alice Cooper, tweeting, “I just died and went to Hell.” No doubt there will be more to come on Twitter today from Lady Gaga, that is if she’s not too busy celebrating.

What are your thoughts on Lady Gaga reaching 9 million Twitter followers? Do you think Justin Bieber could catch up and overtake her fans on Twitter? Let us know with your comments and we’d just like to say “Happy Birthday Lady Gaga.”


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