iPad 2 Problems Persist: Now Reports of Camera Issues

Although we have been big fans of the Apple iPad 2 since its recent launch and have extolled its virtues on many occasions, we have also reported on a few problems that seems to be cropping up. Today we have news that those iPad 2 problems persist as we have now heard reports of camera issues.

Previously we have reported that some people have had wireless issues and before that we also had reports of a FaceTime freezing glitch, and also a screen bleeding issue. Now news is filtering in that some iPad 2 owners are noting color issues on video recordings. Apparently a few frames at a time on video feeds are affected where the colors go awry. Brian Sweet over on Cult of Mac first noticed a problem with the video colors when using FaceTime and then made a video (which you can see below this story) while in a car wash which illustrates the camera problem and shows the colors “glitching-out.” The points to spot in the video are at 00:35, 01:19 and 02:08.

It is not yet known if this is a hardware or software issue but apparently the iOS update 4.3.1 did not fix it. It seems this issue has not been reported in huge numbers but nonetheless some people are definitely noticing it and it’s not quite what you’d expect of a new iPad. Paul Suarez over on PCWorld has put together a roundup of iPad 2 glitches that are being reported, including the camera issue, and Digital Trends also has a roundup of complaints with more issues.

We’d like to know if you have noticed any issues with your iPad 2, particularly this latest problems with the cameras, so please send us your comments so that we can get an idea of how widespread it is.

  • Simon Pittaway

    I'm not sure if I'm experiencing the same problem as shown in this video, but I've certainly been experiencing colour blur when recording from the rear camera, so much so that it has led me to find if others have experienced the same problems.

  • StuffyDuffer

    Mine is doing the same, except much worse. trip to Apple next week…

  • Chris Lightbody

    face time and photo booth red and grainy

  • karf

    thats what apple gets for putting cheap ipod touch cameras in it…

  • Phil snow

    I have nothing but problems with my iPad 2 first the microphone went so FaceTime was not possible. Three 100 mile round trips to the apple store and they finally swapped it eventually even though it was 3 weeks old. Now my second iPad 2 camera seems to have a colour blur in certain spots not very impressed as now I have to make a 100 mile trip again

  • Duncan Bates

    I got my ipad 2 on may 3rd and am experiencing the same issue but even worse. any bright light or object will turn into a colored orb for a second or two