FamilySignal Keeps Children Safe On Social Networking Sites

As parents we all like to keep our children safe and wrapped up in a protective bubble, but at what stage do we start to give them a little more freedom to explore what life’s all about and let them access parts of the internet such as social networking sites. Currently although age restrictions are in place on such sites, it still isn’t stopping a huge percentage of children accessing such sites. But what can we do as their parents or carers to make sure that they are safe and not being exploited by others.

Bring on FamilySignal, a web based site using language processing, which tracks your child’s activity while they are on the world wide web. We have all heard and unfortunately a small minority may have been affected by sexual predators who claim to be your child’s friend by lying about their age and who they actually are. In a recent post from Tim here at OSM, a staggering amount of underage children are using social media in America, and this seems to be the case from a study by Pew Internet and American Life Project which is showing that nearly 50% of 12-year olds are constantly active on the net.

For $19.99 a month, FamilySignal works as a monitoring service which scans anything from tweets, status updates, posts and so on, right through to checking that your child’s personal information has not been tampered with or swapped with a potential sex offender, this has been highlighted as a problem with 45% of teenage children being asked for this very information. As stated, categories have been split into sections using 4 of the main key problem areas such as Drugs and Alcohol, Personal Information, Sexual Terms and Cyberbullying, and its here that parents can choose what they would like checked.

What also makes this service unique to any other on the current market is this: FamilySignal donate a percentage every time a organization for example decides to join them, take a school, if they use FamilySignal then they will donate 25% of the total revenue back into the community to assist in other projects.

Tell us how you monitor your child’s activity on social networking sites? What are your thoughts on FamilySignal, would you be willing to part with $19.99 a month for peace of mind that your child is being protected?