YouTube & Small Businesses: Marketing Made Good, Mistakes Quashed

In this day and age, to have any chance of standing out from the crowd and getting the full engagement needed from potential customers, advertising and marketing tactics have to be put in place and used in the correct manner. We have heard how social networking sites are now being used for not only individuals but for businesses as well in order to promote their brands. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are all included and its the latter we wanted to take a closer look at.

Video sharing site YouTube is visited by thousands every day, and according to Mashable, some small businesses are taking up the idea of using it for marketing purposes, but are they expecting too much from the site in terms of enticing customers.

Experts have looked into some of the problems experienced by small business types and the inclusion of YouTube, and we have listed just 2 of these to give you a little taster. As Mashable pointed out, one of the real problems that businesses forget, is that they automatically think that by uploading their video onto the site, that they will be recognized by droves of viewers, this on the whole is not the case. This was backed up by Founder of Unruly Media “Sarah Wood” who said, “Yes, there is a massive appetite for online video content, but there are 35 hours of video content uploaded to YouTube every minute, so the competition for eyeballs is intense.”

In order to get viewings, it is best to have a strategy in mind, a plan as to who and how you are going to appeal to your target audience. Although its difficult to strive in a very competitive business world, it can be achieved, take small business “Alphabet Photography Christmas Food Court, which can be seen at the bottom of this page, this in itself pulled in a staggering 30 million views and 773,000 shares on social networking sites Twitter and Facebook.

Do you run or are part of a small enterprise, are you trying to engage with a larger audience of customers? Have you tried or are considering YouTube? Let us know how you have used social media and your success?