Petbam Social Network: For Pets and Their Owners

Earlier this month we brought you news about the growing trend for social networkers to give their dogs their own Twitter and Facebook accounts, which at the time seemed pretty unbelievable. However, it does seem to be very popular and so we weren’t surprised to hear of a growing social network specifically for pets and their owners.

We also told how Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg had brought a puppy called “Beast” which now also has its own Facebook page and we wonder if Zuckerberg will allow Beast to join Petbam too. The news of this pet social network came to us from PRWeb and the site enables connections between pet-lovers, owners and even vets and shelters. For those who want to commemorate their pets that have passed on there’s also a Pet Memorial page.

Why is it called Petbam? Apparently the ‘bam’ part stands for the phrase, ‘because animals matter’ and who can disagree with that. Useful features include a lost and found section that sends out alerts about lost pets and the site also hosts features such a newborn animals. The site has been growing since its launch in 2010 and now has more than 20,000 Facebook fans and we can see a great potential in Petbam as so many of us are animal lovers and the site has some really useful resources.

If you want to take a look at the Petbam social network hit the link. Do you think a social network revolving around pets is a good idea and what new social network ideas do you think we’ll see next? Let us know with your comments.

  • Robin Zygelman

    It is wonderful that people who care about their pets have a voice and are doing something good for finding lost pets and neglected pets while having fun with there furry little or big ones at home.