iPad 2 Proposal: Apple Engraving Pops the Question (She Said Yes)

We’ve been bringing you a lot of news about the iPad 2 which has been phenomenally successful since its recent launch. We’ve given you a review roundup, reports on a wireless issue, and yesterday gave you a slightly different angle with a look at a gold and diamond iPad 2 priced at $8 million. Now though we have news of an iPad 2 proposal, and just so you know straight up, she said yes!

If you have already ordered your iPad 2 you may have noticed that you can have a free engraving put on it. Now most people probably choose their name, or the name of the person they are giving it to, but one man went a step further and had the iPad 2 engraved with the words, “Will you marry me?”

The story comes to us from Mark Gurman over on 9to5Mac who tells how Jordan C. wrote to the site because he couldn’t resist sharing what happened next. He took his girlfriend Jessica to the National Redwood Forrest (along with the iPad 2), in Northern CA. After crossing the river on a downed tree and searching out the tallest tree (in the rain) that he could find, he knelt down and presented the iPad 2 with the all-important question on it. Her response? She said, “YES, Now give me my iPad!!”

If you’re wondering if you should try the same tactics you may be interested in our article on good reasons why people choose the iPad 2, and if you’re still interested and want to find out more, or even place an order, head to the iPad 2 product pages here at apple.com. We’d love to know what other engravings people have had put on their pad 2’s, or you could let us know what you think about this unique proposal, so please do send us your comments.