HTC EVO 3D: Kickstand Case Allows Easy Viewing

Last week we reported on HTC’s appearance at CTIA with their EVO 3D, we gave a comparison against another 3D touting device, the LG Optimus 3D. Now while it was difficult to pick between the pair, we have just caught a glimpse of an extra that could assist the HTC in its quest to better the LG.

According to Phones Review, as we all know HTC’s EVO 4G comes with a handy built in kickstand, but unfortunately the EVO 3D misses out on this addition. This little exclusion dampens the usage of the handset somewhat, but do not despair

A report by Androinica stated that when they approached the Sprint stand at CTIA and asked the question about the loss of kickstand on the new EVO, they were told, “As you know, the kickstand needs to be part of the device,” the Sprint rep then explained. “Because of the two 3D cameras and the battery, there wasn’t room for it.”

However it seems that HTC has noted our thoughts and looked into producing a case that incorporates the stand allowing ideal positioning for watching a film or taking a video call. At the moment pricing and release dates are yet to be confirmed.

As we wait for the EVO 3D’s summer launch, no doubt the kickstand case will follow closely behind. Tell us if you will be looking at signing up for one of the hottest 3D smartphones to be released, and whether the stand case will be at the top of your add-on list?