Vizio Theater 3D TVs: Release Soon – Prices of 47,42 & 32-inch

Back in January we brought you some news about the new line of Vizio Theater 3D TVs for 2011 and today we have some news for you about prices for the 47, 42 and 32-inch models, which are “coming soon” according to the company’s website.

These are some of the mid-range models in the lineup and the ‘coming soon’ message will please a lot of people who’ve been waiting for these LCD HDTVs, which offer 1080p (in 2D), and built-in WiFi and also Vizio Internet Apps. The 47-inch (E3D470VX) is priced at $899.99, the 42-inch (E3D420VX) is $729.99 and the 32-inch (E3D320VX) sees a price of $549.99, according to Richard Lawler over on Engadget, sourced from Vizio.

These TVs also come with two pairs of passive 3D glasses and a new IR Remote, replacing the Bluetooth QWERTY remote. These seem like exceptionally competitive prices to us, especially as Engadget adds that Walmart may be offering the 42-inch for $698 and the 32-inch for $498. A 3D TV for under $500 has to be a pretty good deal.

Rachel King over on ZDNet also reports on these Vizio TVs and also feels the realistic pricing is sure to help the 3D TV market expand this year but makes the valid point that for the 3D market to really make it’s mark there needs to be more content available. What are your thoughts on these upcoming Vizio 3D TVs and do you agree that the pricing is an extremely positive move? Let us know with your comments.

  • t0mmymack

    3D TV? Ha! I'm still running my boob-tube from the mid-90's! On another note. Half the time I can't find the remote in my house, now I have to worry about glasses? No thanks!