Posting Hit List On Facebook Leads To Expulsion

We have seen many numbskulls using Facebook and getting caught out because they don’t realize who else uses it. We have reported on a guy who killed an 11.5-foot Alligator and then boasted about it on his Facebook only to be confronted by the law, what he hadn’t remembered was that it’s illegal to kill gators in his state.

Another bonehead was the bigamist who uploaded pictures of his second wedding onto Facebook only for his first wife to see them and report him. Today we have a story of equal stupidity as a freshman posted a ‘hit list’ on Facebook which has lead to his expulsion.

We first heard about the incident over at where Meriedith Singer added an article explaining the situation. She says that the list included 30 names of students and staff members that he wished to see deceased. It all kicked off when a parent showed the Superintendent the posting list from his mobile at a basketball game; he then proceeded to notify the lad’s parents.

The decision was taken to expel the boy was decided at a special school board meeting and now the St. Louis County Attorney’s Office are considering whether or not to press any form of criminal charge. The school is now going to use the incident to kick off a new educational program about the proper use of social media (at last). This is yet another case of being careful what you post, we continue to see lots of articles like this on a daily basis.

What do you guys think of this, should he have been expelled for this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.