London 2012 Olympics: Underground Prepares WiFi Hotspots

For the uninitiated travel around London can be a daunting journey with seemingly endless routes to hand. Nowadays, with the availability of route finders and maps on our hand-held devices, there is some relief for first time explorers of the nation’s capital.

However if you choose to hit the underground tube network you are almost stepping into a Bermuda Triangle of destination changes and platform alterations. Down here your mobile device becomes void with no connection to the outside world, your all alone. That was until an announcement today reported on by Techdigest.

As London readies itself for the 2012 Olympics, the famous underground network will be adding 120 WiFi hot-spots in various locations across the city.

In anticipation for the huge rise in visitors to the capital, the WiFi additions will aid travellers in finding their way. The hot-spots will allow connection when on platforms or in stations, but will not reach as far as the maze of tunnels. But any advance in connectivity around this popular form of transport can only be a bonus ahead of the Olympic Games.

According to Engadget, British Telecom is already testing the system at Charing Cross, as one of the busiest most central terminal stations. Users will be able to connect from their devices to access the web for all manner of purposes.

More locations will soon be updated on the run up to the Games, although transport For London is on the lookout for a company willing to take on the installations.

Have you struggled to find your way around London, and do you think that a web connection would have helped you at the time?

  • Ben

    Definitely because there are many iPhone apps that have tube maps or journey planning software on them. It would be nice to be able to use them where it counts and not just ahead of time.