iOS 4.3.1 Update Released: Bugs Fixed – How’s Yours?

For Apple devices you will have been running the new iOS 4.3 which for some people has caused a few issues. One of them was that the battery was being drained ultra quickly but we solved this issue in a later article for your iPod, iPad and iPhones.

There was one other issue that was sighted with the iOS 4.3 and it was around a graphical issue with the 4th Generation iPod Touch. Well we have some news for you that there’s been an iOS 4.3.1 update released with bug fixes and we want to know how yours is doing now as one of the bugs it claims to fix is the graphical issues on the iPods.

Engadget’s Chris Ziegler reports that there was of course more than just that one issue fixed in the release. The others related to the AV-out enterprise apps and some kind of cellular network connections update.

Engadget sourced TUAW where their author Dave Caolo provided the information, one of the other things that sounds pretty interesting is that it’s resolving an issue authenticating with some enterprise web services, you would have thought that wouldn’t have existed as an issue.

Have you downloaded the new version, have you noticed any other issues popping up that you would like us to take a look into since the download? Let us know in the comments section below.