Earth Hour Twitter & Facebook: Social Media Joins In & Video

Today is March 26 2011, and that means Earth Hour. If you’re unaware of Earth Hour it’s an annual initiative across the globe that seeks to make people more aware of the environment and climate change. It’s taken place every year since 2007 and at 8:30 pm local time tonight individuals, businesses and organizations are urged to turn off their lights for one hour.

The major social networking sites are joining in and there’s an Earth Hour feed on Twitter and also a page on Facebook, which you can find at the links according to Lauren Williams at Patch. Regular readers may remember that we previously told how there was also a campaign to try to persuade Facebook to shut down for one hour, although we’ve heard nothing to say that the campaign was successful.

Earth Hour is the creation of the World Wildlife Foundation and the official website can be found at and tonight’s Earth Hour will involve hundreds of millions of people across more than 120 countries. In previous years landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Empire State Building in New York have turned off their lights in tune with the rest of the world, for one hour.

Willis Wee over on Penn Olsen has also written a useful article with a roundup of other social media sites joining in with the initiative including YouTube which has a special logo for Earth Hour, and a video that you can view below this story. What are your thoughts on Earth Hour? Will you be turning off your lights at 8:30 tonight for one hour? Let us know with your comments.