Apple iPad 2 Problems: Wireless An Issue For Some

As we all know the Apple iPad 2 has been released and yesterday we told you that some people were having trouble ordering theirs online. Now that people have their beloved device we are starting to hear some consumer view points coming through.

One of the things that will always be talked about is Apple iPad 2 problems; we are now hearing that there’s a wireless issue appearing for some users. Over at Engadget their author Darren Murph has added an article that adds a bit of humor to what could be a bit of a touchy subject if yours has been affected.

What seems to be happening is when you are connected using WiFi the connection seems to be cutting out, Murph mentions that the in house iPad 2 that they have isn’t having these problems but the 10+ pages of people on the Apple support discussion thread about the issue.

This thread seems to be growing quite considerably so if yours starts to play around with you then make sure to let your thoughts be known directly to Apple with all of the others.

Have you been having problems with your shiny new iPad 2? Let us know what frustrations you have faced so far in the comments section below.

  • Roberto Madarang

    Thank you for the Article. Does UK consumers experience the backlight bleeding issue that US and Australia is experiencing?

  • Sean

    My wireless keeps cutting out, have to keep disabling then re-enabling wireless even though signal is strong, just does not connect to the Internet which I had been on moments earlier

    • Tim Ollason

      Thanks for commenting Sean. Keen an eye on that Apple thread because if Apple announce any sort of fix for is (maybe within the next iOS release) bound to be on there.

    • geoff

      mine is the same going into apple for a replacement

  • memcgee

    it's a wifi issue not a 'wireless' issue…everything about the ipad is wireless, lol.

  • william

    my ipad 2 wireless is terrible. I am right next to the router and get a weak signal that drops out. I have tried two other routers.. no luck. I have to use my verizon 3g in order to get on the internet. BS APPLE!!

  • Cph

    Same here. Wifi keeps cutting out. Rather annoying!

  • Troopa

    Mine too….No usable signal unless 6-8 feet from the router…wife takes it to work and uses their router with same issue….obv not the router then..something wrong with the Ipad 2 itself…tried different channels and bands but still no joy…..also removed all other apple and any other devices from using the router, still nothing…..anyone had any official response from Apple?

  • Troopa

    Sending back for quibble from apple

  • Jilly cosgrove

    My problem is when I am on my tweet deck and browsing or writing messages it just cuts out and reverts to the desktop. It's so frustrating. I don't think this is a wifi problem. Has anyone else had similar problems.

  • Brian

    My wi-fi kept cutting out every 1 to 5 minutes. I would have to click connect on the wifi network popup. To fix it so far I just "forgot" the network and then re-set it up. It think the problem (for me at least) was with the backup of the iPad 1 restored to the iPad 2 corrupted some of the wireless settings. So far so good, but if the problem comes back Ill be making the trip to the Apple store.

  • Kevin

    I think I have the same issue, but I can use my wifi the whole day. But it will lost the connection the day after. Its happening every day.

  • Keith

    Wifi problems are more likely an issue with a router.  I have found many drop out issues with any wireless device go away if you use a fixed IP rather than have the router assign you an IP.  I had a laptop that would drop out about once an hour.  Once I fixed the IP, it never did it again.