Social Media & the Royal Wedding: Twitter, YouTube & Flickr

When Prince William got engaged to Kate Middleton and we heard that the Royal Wedding would take place on April 29, 2011, it seemed like quite some time away and yet now there’s only just over a month until the big day. We often note how social media is having a growing impact on our lives and it seems the Royal Wedding is no exception and we have some information on how social media will be used.

We’ve already brought you news about Google Earth’s association with the Royal Wedding and about a Royal Wedding iPhone app and as far as social media goes we told how a bishop had been suspended after some inappropriate remarks he made on Facebook about the Royal Engagement. For this big event the organizers of the Royal Wedding are really moving with the times and will be taking full advantage of social media platforms to promote support and interest in this occasion, which will create worldwide interest.

Over on Yahoo, Ashley Mott rounds up several platforms which will be utilized for the regal nuptials. Apart from the Royal Wedding website which you can find at, the organizers will also be using Flickr to share images of the marriage ceremony and everything else associated with the occasion. You can also see regular updates with news about the Royal Wedding from the Prince of Wales’ Twitter account @ClarenceHouse. Organizers will also be taking full advantage of YouTube.

If we thought that the Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer were under scrutiny at the time of their wedding, the amount of media attention in today’s times will be even more intense for Prince William and Kate Middleton with the rise of social networking and social media platforms. What social media initiative would you like to see launched in relation to the upcoming Royal Wedding? Let us have your comments.