Facebook Rolls Out Updated Questions: Are You Asking?

Facebook has gone through some pretty emphatic changes in recent times; some of them are significant whilst others are minor such as the post button being removed in favor of using the Enter key on your keyboard, Places going global and a whole heap of others that are occurring.

Now there’s another change that has been implemented by the Facebook development team and it’s a Questioning tool. Over at allfacebook.com author Jackie Cohen has added an article about the new functionality and she says that it is in fact a re-launch.

As you are probably already aware there are lots of third party applications on the Facebook platform that are using the question and answer style that are having some success. Now you can add your own questions by installing the application, if you want to get it then click here to be directed.

The ins and outs of the new application are explained on the Facebook blog post by their product manager Adrian Garnham and is well worth a read. In short, the questions can be setup by anyone and you can offer a list of answers for your audience to choose from. The questions can then be shared from one page to another and will spread throughout the world of Facebook gaining more answers, importantly the questions can be asked to friends whilst showing in news feeds and also links back to the person who asked the question originally.

Will you be installing this app? What questions will you ask your friends and audiences? Tell us some of them in the comments section below.