BlackBerry OS 6.1: Wishlist For Update Pre-Download

We have seen many different types of smartphone from a range of manufacturers which constantly get updated with versions of software. Of course RIM with the BlackBerry is one of them that are always looking to improve, especially as their devices historically were used more by business people.

We have caught wind of an update that will be hitting the BlackBerry and its coming soon according to RIM as reported by Engadget’s Darren Murph. The new update is version 6.1 OS and as Murph says in his article, RIM revealed this information in their year-end Q4 fiscal 2011 earnings call. A quick search of Google and we have that report for you through Yahoo Finance so have a peek. With that being the case we are wondering, what’s on your BlackBerry OS 6.1 wishlist?

Of course we are aware that RIM hasn’t set the world on fire with any particular device but they do have some handsets that are selling pretty well. The BlackBerry Torch is one of them and now we are expecting a successor to it in the form of the Torch 2 to be even better.

We are unsure as to what sort of new features to expect from the update and we are hoping that you BlackBerry enthusiasts can fill in the gaps and tell us what you want to see from it pre-download. Is there one thing that could be added that would significantly improve your BlackBerry device and your mobile experience?

Tell us what you want from the new BlackBerry OS in the comments section below.

  • Freeman

    Here it goes…
    1) A 4.3 screen (Try at least to compete with Android)
    2) A competitive browser that works on 4G speeds.
    3) 2 cameras, and HD video?(Front and backside).
    4) A MASSIVE bump in apps!
    5) Scale down the options to personalize EVERY possible alert/ringer/etc that you can think of
    its WAY too much BS. I want simple stuff on the fly. I dont want to have to go into my settings
    and do all this. I realize there are short cuts but simply pressing the volume button down do a
    level that works for you is GREAT, other than going into "sounds" and choosing a pre-set option.
    That sucks. Just make everything LESS DETAILED and more simple and quicker to access.
    6) DELETE the voice calling function. Worthless.
    7) A better Mp3 player… PLEASE.
    I keep BB cuz I don't want to lose the BBM, its a great tool. But other than that I would have left already. So if this new one competes with Android and iPhone, maybe I won't have too?

  • Gab

    wifi hotspot capabilities